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Легенди за любовта


( The knight of the Snow – white swan )

Long time ago in Anver, the old Duch of Brabant and Limburg got very sick and could not manage to rule over his lands any more. It turned out that he had only one daughter and there was no other person to inherit his estates. So he left all his wealth to his only daughter Elsa, before passing away. Elsa was very young and she was the most beautiful lady people had ever seen. Singers sang about her beauty and good character and spoke about her enormous wealth.
All men of wealth that were famous fighters and often disobedient to the king dreamt of ruling over her lands. Many outstanding knights who wanted Elsa's hand began to gather and organize competitions to win her love.
One day there came many people from the nearest regions - dancers, painters, salesmen that watched to see how Elsa would accept the proposal of the famous knight Friedrih fon Telramund. She appeared dressed all in white.
Her beautiful dress and hair showed her purity and tenderness - she looked as frigile as a flower. Nobody could believe she would become the wife of a strong but quite aggressive knight. He had spread the news that even she would not accept marriage with him, he would use violence to make her obey.
A lot of people started to think she had been violated and she couldnot resist any more to what was standing ahead her. When she came in front her hair was dishevelled and her eyes were asking for help. She looked very desperate . But all people around looked down her without telling any word to defend her. They seemed to be afraid of the dark knight who was very threatening.
All of a sudden, some sound of horn was heard and the crowd turned back to look at that side where the noise came from . It came out that there appeared a strange light from a large bark with a beautiful white swan in front. The man that was coming to them was a knight all dressed in bright silver armour. His sword and shield were shining in the setting sun, his crest showed a silver swan in the light -blue sky. He came up to the scared girl and said,
" Dear lady, do you mind to be your defender. I am sure you are innocent. I will prove it with the power of my sword."
He took off his glove and threw it before black knight's legs. The other accepted the challenge and both prepared to fight each other.
The sound of a horn and the fight started. Soon , it became dark and nobody became the winner. All of a sudden there came a light that stopped upon the white knight's sword. It gave energy to him so that finally he could strike the black knight with all his might. The battle finished with the victory of the light force that defended Elsa's purity and innocence and protected the life of the white unknown knight.
In fact his name was Loengrin but nobody knew how he came to know about Elsa's situation and where he lived. He managed to make Teramund become humble and recognize his guilt , to give him another chance to live.
The king who was watching the fight agreed to forgive, as well. He was very happy with the final result that suggested the newcomer to marry the beautiful lady. Elsa was already in love with him and agreed with bright face to become Loengrin’s wife.
But the white kniight was thoughtful. He said,
" I would feel the happiest person to marry you and become your husband. But you should know that I don't have the right to reveal my name to anybody. For you, I will stay the knight of the Snow - White swan. You have to vow that you will never ask me who I am and where I come from."
"Cross my heart, my knight," said Elsa
" You have to think once again for it is a heavy vow."
But Elsa repeated her promise that she would never ask him about his origin at any circumstances.
Sp they got married and lived happily together. The knight of the White Swan fought bravely with the enemies and won a lot of victories. Peace was restored over the land of the Brabants and nobody dared to attack it. The knights liked warriors' entertainments . The knight of the White Swan was always the first winner among all.
One day near the beautiful town of Antwerpen there was a great tournament. The knight of the White Swan knocked down nine knights one after another. The ninth one was the Dutch of Klewski. He was pushed away one spear distance and fell down breaking his right arm. From there on he started hating the knight of the White Swan . His wife Urssula - a very proud and ambitious woman thought of how to take revenge on him.
One day Elsa was sitting in her bedroom with her baby-boy in her hands. She was singing a childish song to him. All of a sudden a servant came in to tell her about the Duchess – it was her arrival.
Elsa ordered some food and drink and waited for her. The duchess entered dressed in dark and joyfully shook hands with Elsa but her voice was not sincere.
" I am very happy for you Elsa! What a beautiful baby-boy! Congratulations for the little heir of the Brabants. But I feel sorry for you because your life is not easy. What would you say to your son when he asks for his origin? Your son will grow up without knowing his relatives and tribe. And maybe some people will ask him in what slum his father was born".
" Maybe I am not destined to know my husband's name but I am sure, it is covered with glory."
The Duchess was very angry and put her glass of wine aside in distress before her leaving.
Elsa was left alone deep in thoughts. She spoke to herself, " My son will grow up soon. What shall I tell him when he asks me " What's my father's name?"
She remembered her husband's words, " The person's name is an empty sound. His true name is his deeds and exploits. My glory will replace our son's sirname".
Still Elsa became worried very much and started praying about it. One evening when her husband came back home she could not bear any more and asked "Who are you? Where are you from? Tell me!"
But horrified she hid her face in her hands and fell down in front of her husband's feet.
" Please, don't tell me! Don't say your name! I believe you. And I will never ask you about anything anymore.
But her husband said," It 's very late, Elsa. You have broken your vow. Now I don't have the right to keep silence. Tomorrow near Anwer , on the glade, in the presence of all knights and noblemen, in front of all people from the town, I will tell my name".

On the other day both husband and wife appeared in front of the audience gathered for the occasion. Both look very sad. All looks were turned to the knight of the Swan full of expectation. He let Elsa pass with her child and started speaking :
" I want to let you know that my name is Loengrin and my father is Perceval - a king of Monsalwat. The noblest knights of the world serve him. They are defenders of the oppressed and hurt people seeking help and protection. The castle of Monsalwat arises high in the mountains. It has not watch - towers and thick walls as your castles have. The moving bridge is let down in a hospitable manner, the doors are open wide and every traveller is welcomed there.
But rarely someone's steps could be heard over the bridge. Dark thoughts prevent man from seeing the magic castle. His evil actions don't let him go up to it. On a high pole in front of the castle there is a bell. If somewhere some injustice is going on or somebody needs help, the bell starts ringing without anybody touching it. Then one of the knights gets ready to go and help. In case he saves a beautiful girl he has the right to marry her and be happy until the end of his life. But his wife should keep a vow not to ask him for his name. She should trust him without any doubt or fear. If she breaks up her vow and asks him, " Who are you?" , the knight had to go back in his remote castle."
There came a time for departure. The couple embraced each other and the father kissed the baby. Elsa was full in tears. The people around kept silence. Some women with small babies were crying. The audience had realized the deep meaning behind Loengrin's speech and felt as if their father and protector was leaving them. The glory of the land was supposed to go away too.

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