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Драматургичните елементи в чуждоезиковото обучение


Long sentences:
I went to the cienema yesterday with my friend Ben and his brother Bill and we saw a very good film at the Odeon cinema in Hammersmith.
Tongue twisters:
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper. Where' s the peck of pickled pepper Piter Piper picked?

Inflexion is the rise and fall of the voice. If a voice is dull and boring it is usually because the inflexion is monotonous. To introduce a greater variety of inflexion one needs to develop the ability to pitch the voice register above and below the normal key. The following exercise will give students an opprtunity to experiment with inflexion and thereby increase their range.

1. Count to ten in a level pitch
Repeat but this time pitch voice below normal pitch.
Speak the numbers beginning "one" at a low pitch, "two" at normal, "three" at high and so on.
Repeat with the days of the week. Names of students in class.
2. Count to ten again but this time every third number with
1, surprise
2. impatience
3. great pleasure
4. anger
5.as a question
Listen to each other and notice the different inflexions

3. Say the following sentence in the manner suggested:
"I don' t knoow what time he will arrive"
1. friendly
6.implying you don' t care

6.Try saying the following sentences with different meanings, first lifting one word well above the pitch level, then another:
"Who did you say you were?
"The doctor says there is very little hope'"
"Well, it is nice of you to come"

Dramatic Voice Exercises
7. Choose a partner. Each person chooses one word. Have a friendly chat with partner just using that word. Then using the same word have an angry confrontation with partner.
8.Work out a simple situation to role play with your partner but try to conduct the conversation in gibberish. After practice each pair shows their role play to the others and they try to guess what it is about. It is surprising how much we may reveal just from inflexion alone.

Exercises for confidence

1. Verbal boxing
Students find a partner. Both speaking at the same time tell your partner in a friendly tone what you have done from the moment you got up. Change partners and this time tell your partner, again both at once, something that you are really angry about.
2. Flattery
In turn tell your partner lots of nice things. Give her as many compliments as you can think of. Then change over
3. Reprimands
Think of a situation in which you have got to severely reprimand your partner. She must remain silent while you make your criticism and complaints. Then change over.


Публикацията обръща внимание върху аспекти на личностното развитие на учащите се, като изграждане на чувство на увереност, оптимизъм,умение за взаимопомощ и взаиморазбиране при управляване на чувствата, както и разпознаване на гнева.

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